Internal Business Perspective

BSC: The customer service perspective

Internal business perspective refers to the operational or the inside structure of an organization, how it performs its duties and the most significant aspects of its performance. It is the determinant factor of an organization as it contains all the detailed structure and information concerning an organization. For example, the internal business perspective contains the objectives, mission and vision of the organization. It also has the measures or policies of that business as well as its strategic approach to the competitive nature of the business field. The ultimate aim of this action plan is to provide a precise description of module 2-SLP.

The action officer for this kind of project initiative is ME-65 Hoexter. This is the person responsible for all the occurrence in the field in the process of implementation of the project (Gumbus & Lussier, 2006). He supervises the students involved advising them on various specific issues under different departments in the project.


The ultimate aim of this project is to provide the most effective and efficient implementation of contracting approaches to make the most of efficiency and cost effectiveness. Note that the module talks about the customer service perspective in internal business approach thus maximizing the efficiency of all the processes enhance the quality of services to the customers (Niven, 2010).


The main approach for this project is the contracting approach where the customers are able to acquire cost effectiveness and efficiency in the business, which is from the internal perspective of the business. It employs the electronic commerce, which involves data source such electronic small purchase systems, local tracking systems, FPDS-NG, IIPS, DOE/ C-Webb among others. It also deals with generation of data where data is put into a table from the racking system listed. The confirmation of data is done by the directors whose responsibility is to report results precisely as well as the retention of records. These records should be consistent with the management requirements and they should be obtainable for compliance and or HQ appraisal (Kaplan, 2005). The electronic commerce employs two main approaches; the first is the delivery and purchase percentages orders given out through electronic commerce as a total percentage gain simplified actions. The second is the percentage of all synopses whereby there is the necessity of broad notice and the linked solicitation placed on FedBiz for over $25K. it is then tracked at HQ. this is the approach by this project and the action officer makes sure that all actions are appropriately approached and tackled as it is supposed to be.

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