Instructional Criticality

One gets to the roots of any risks that might have attempted to develop by breaking down the sources into a possible and a will understood manner. If one has to use this method, he or she must have some questionnaires which should be used in answering the causes of the risks. The fourth method used is known as a common risk checker. This technique is normally used by most of the industries whereby the person in charge puts down a list of all possible risks and tries to sort them up before they become a burden. The last method is a collection of the above mentioned techniques hence known as risk charting. It gives a person multiple of choices which can be used to identify the possible resultants of risks.

  • Evaluation

After identifying the risks, they are thoroughly assessed by comparing each one of them by looking at their various consequences. Critical thinking has to be applied during this period of evaluation to help an individual in making the best decisions in order to prevent the risks from maturing into a serious issue costing one’s life.

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