Instructional Criticality

Criticality can be defined as the engagement of one’s mind on a certain topic or issue that has been a bother or has created lots of attention. It can also be defined as a resultant of an erroneous behavioral patterns existing in a given environment. Risks avoidance is one of the greatest step that human beings do make for the purpose of coming up with better decisions in life. Risks do crop up in various ways without anyone noticing because they do not knock on somebody’s door. There are certain risks in one’s life, taken as the greatest of all and may be covered with higher chances of occurrence. Though it is hard, risks can be avoided if at all someone has to live on the safest side in his or her personal life. The following plan has to be considered by various persons working in different fields as a way of risks prevention.

  • Identification of risk

This is a step that one has to be familiar with in order to avoid risks. A triggered risk may blow out as a big problem making one’s life become miserable. One has to start by finding out the various sources or links which may act as a root for the risks. The sources can either be grounded by external or internal forces depending on the kind of environment and lifestyle an individual is living. These sources have to be analyzed in a critical way so that one gets to handle them as they come from the different direction. A threat is what results into a risk, and this can be taken as part of the problem which also has to be analyzed.

  • Methods to be used

There are certain techniques that one has to put on course when looking on ways in which he or she can use for the purpose of avoiding the risks. The first method that one has to use is based on objectives of different organizations. From the objectives set by different companies, one is able to notice the risk that he or she might come to face some times in the future. A risk here can be identified as any happening that may make one not to achieve his or her set objective. The second method is based on the scenarios that do take place within an individual’s environment. This means that any situation that set off the already set goals acts as a cause of risks and need to be shunned before it gets to the worst point. The third technique used as a process of identifying the risks is related to the taxonomical way of classification.

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