Immigration in Mexico

Mexico is one of the states that have a unique approach to immigration management. This uniqueness is brought about by some factors of which are believed to have form the basis to which the Mexican immigration rests. One of the reasons as to why this particular state is considered unique in terms of immigration is because it accommodate or many undocumented residents. One of the possible factors that make Mexico unique is employment. This can be seen from the kind of employment opportunities that it offers to its residents and other legal and illegal immigrants.

According to their perception, illegal immigrants are very beneficial as they help in boosting the economical status of the states. This is done by the contribution they make in terms of work or labor. Another factor is that Mexico has a bilateral approach towards immigration. This has always created chances for many people from Mexico and those from other countries or states to get involved in immigration process in this particular state without any difficulty. These are the two main factors that make Mexico as a state unique from other states or countries in terms of immigration.

This uniqueness is also good as far as Mexico and US relationship is concerned. This has helped in boosting both the population and economic status of this particular state as it employs low-skilled workers. In the US, it is very difficult to employ those individuals with low-skilled manpower as they do not fit in almost all the activities taking place. Mexico is therefore an asset to the US as it helps in balancing the potential of employees.

Some of the illegal immigrants in this particular state are granted permanent resident hence help in boosting or helping both Mexico and US in terms of physical labor or any kind of labor that might be in existence. It can therefore be concluded that Mexico is unique in terms of immigration due to the exemption from the immigration act that governs almost all the states in the US.

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