Human Nature

Human nature comprises of the different characteristics depicted by human beings. Human characteristics have enormous significance as they influence ethics, politics and theology. From the Allegory of the Cave and Social Contract, human nature depicts as formed by relationships and power struggles. Struggle is a characteristic of human nature because, without it, humans cannot be able to survive. The Allegory of the Cave also reveals how humans are trapped in a world. The world is represented by the ‘cave’, and in case they try to question themselves the essence of their existence, they end up feeling empty. Tao Te Ching also reveals several characteristics associated with human nature such as interdependence between human beings. The poem asserts that both the high and mighty and the low depend on one another. It is true that no one can survive on his or her own. The Social Contract sums up human nature through focusing on how families help shape humans. It also asserts that political societies emanate from the family, which is true as the family forms the basic unit of society.

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