Scientists mostly work in isolation to produce a more elaborate result needed in a discovery. They have their own laboratories, which are isolated and well equipped with all essentials needed to make a discovery. A clear example is Franklin who was isolated during the discovery of helical-structure of the DNA molecule by use of x-ray beams. Science and technology have increasingly become dependent on group efforts because they are elaborate in nature. They are complex in nature; therefore, need to have different ideas from different individuals thus group effort. Science and technology should be in secret because individuals are fond of copying ones’ discovery and later present it as their own work (Bunch & Hellemans, 2004). Secrets held between the two groups in the discovery of the double helix DNA structure led to one group having more knowledge on the subject. This later led to one of the group copying ideas thus hindering the advance of DNA research. Openness of results would accelerate discovery of new scientific knowledge because of different ideas generated by individuals.

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