In Gandhi writings, he is skillful lawyer whose techniques of nonviolent protest were passive. He could fearlessly speak in defense of his beloved country India. Nehru in his writings also wished India will awake to life and freedom, and he was dedicated to the service of India and her people. Cuba was to be respected, and leader’s opinion listened to, which is similar to Nehru and Gandhi’s demands. Marti concerns to grand Cuba independence as Senator Fulbright’s of 1965 confirmed a revolution freedom. In his comments, Senator Fulbright confirmed that there were more than eight attempts to kill Castro as well as additional plans to other Cuban leaders. The last two documents reveal that US policies is characterized by over action and over timidity in motivation of the policies in Latin America (Mohandas & Gandhi, 1909).


Franklin used a technique that was called x-ray crystallography to determine the structure of DNA. It allowed location of atoms in any crystal, which can be recorded by examining the image of the given crystal under an x-ray beam. She produced the most clear x-ray image of a crystallized DNA ever. Franklin later found out that DNA’s arrangement depended on an outer backbone, with bases within hence the double-helical structure of the DNA. Watson and his research partner, Francis Crick, were working independently on the DNA structure (Klug, 1968). Watson realized that the photographs shown to him were the scientific confirmation they required to confirm that the DNA particle was a double-helical structure. Her relationship with Watson affected her career because Watson in his account of the discovery of the DNA structure, largely dismissed Franklin’s role in the discovery. Watson and Crick later admitted that Franklin was only two steps away from the solution (Watson & Stent, 1968).


The episode began in Iceland, which is mainly covered with ice. Ice is used for storage purposes thus; Bronowski’s episode would imply human development in the society through its understanding of science (Bronowski, 1973). Iceland reflected the major driving forces in the cultural evolution of man. It reflected the commonsense of science as the most destructive modern prejudices that science and art are different and somehow incompatible interests. In the episode, it begins by showing the face of an elderly man who had known suffering for a long time. At the end of the episode, Bronowski shows the ruins of Hiroshima. The photograph of the old man dissolves to that of a younger man, which shows the significance of science. These events prioritize arts in series and later give science background. In this episode, Bronowski tries to conclude the nature and significance of science in the ascent of man.

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