Globalization in India

The environment always comes up as an issue of discussion every time industrialization is mentioned. With the development of many local and foreign industries the environment standards are normally compromised as there is a lot of waste dumping and pollution that is associated with the same. The government of India has put stringent measures on companies that indulge in such despicable activity. Bills have been passed that will see sustainable development of Indian’s resources. Putting in mind that India is a capital-scarce economy, these measures come at a time when they are needed. Some companies have been forced to adjacent their systems of operations which have cost them money. But this will be beneficial in the long-term.

India has seen a lot of off shoring mainly from the developed countries. The main areas that are sent offshore to India are mostly IT related such as programming, software maintenance and testing, IT research and development, physical product manufacturing, IT enabled services, call centre and telemarketing. India has also utilized off shoring by sending work off shore and contracting foreign companies to work on their behalf. This is cost effective but has led to job loss as many employees are laid off (Gupta, 03).

Through globalization India has reaped very many benefits from globalization. The education has become more global as the model curricula are set by professionals and the Indians have managed to meet the requirements set by many international companies making them the most sort-after. The Indian economy has grown in a massive way being ranked as one of the top ten largest economies in the world. From the many jobs that have been created, women have scooped much employment seats. In a society where there are strict moral practices this has come as a great change as many women are forced to be at their places of work whereas they are supposed to be at home. International management practice has liberalized the Indian economy as a whole this has been intensified by the fall of communism which has seen many barriers lifted (Dhar, 03).

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