Germanys History


Germany’s history during the first half of the 20th century was shaped by the Nazi party and Adolf Hitler’s rise to power and his mis(rule). The party was 12 years in power, the Nazi party amassed so much power that it reflected the enormous impact and the legacy that the regime left not only in Germany but the world over. A good speaker who made people love him, Adolf Hitler rapidly rose to power and knew how to control the military. His rise to power was based among other factors; resentment in the German people and the weaknesses of the Weimar system which he exploited to his advantage. He was voted in during the Great depression when President Hindenburg gave Hitler the post of chancellor when he needed support and thought that he could control him. This essay will discuss the key events and issues that enabled the Nazi party and its leader Adolf Hitler to rise to power in 1933 and continue with his racial ideologies as well as military policies. We will also examine some key issues that caused the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1985 to 1991.

Nazi Party and Adolf Hitler to Rise to Power

Adolf Hitler the person

Born in an Austrian town of Braunau in the German border, Adolf Hitler was born to an illegitimate father in 1889. He overcame his lowly origins to become a customs official in the Austrian service. He had a comfortable life but with wanting personality; that of a violent husband and a distant and irritable father. He was also known to be lazy in school and made few friends.

When World War I ended, Germany was left in disaster and its aftermath was poverty stricken Germans who continued to die of starvation and diseases as the nation’s wealth was majorly used in fighting the Achilles. Impoverished Germans were forced to pay heavy taxes for reparation payments and this destroyed not only the economy of the country but also the people’s spirit. When the war ended in defeat, the German people looked for people to blame and they looked back at those they hated in the past- the Jews.

Organizing the party

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