Any definition of feminism would, without any doubt, bring controversy. Seemingly, it is obvious that a lot of work in the feminist theory is directed to critiquing women’s subordination. This has been based on the connections between sexism and other ways of submission such as racism, heterosexism, and class repression. As far as power theory is core to all these theoretical tasks, it remains a vital concept for the feminist theory as well.

The feminist cultural theory brings to the open the Achilles’ heel of the post-structural theory. McNay analyzes Foucalt’s view by arguing on a number of areas she thinks are not right. First, she considers the association of women to the body as subjecting them to the force of power. She lays emphasis on the passivity of the body saying Foucalt’s notion to the body is envisioned fundamentally as a passive entity on which power decides its image. This leads to the oversimplification of gender as an obligatory effect rather than dynamic process, (McNay 1992, p. 25).

The body is taken to be the adorned surface of events brought about by language and dissolved by ideas. It is the locus of separated nature and volume in continuous dissolution. It is the power holder of the human. Foucalt finds out the negativity of power other than the productive side. Bodies being the holders of power, are passive, thus, the power is not withheld since when they are gone. Some definitions of power are based on wrong conceptions such like, power is making certain people do what one requires them to do simply put as power-over. On the other hand, power can be defined as the ability to perform which is summarized as power-to do something.

The advisable way of keep at bar sexual oppression is by desexualizing the sexuality by proliferating the pleasures to be able to revoke the now outdated discernment of it as a limited sphere contrasting to power and the law. Women because of sexuality experience cases such as rape, not just for the reason of domination. The body is taken to be a dynamic progression since it involves a number of processes including perception. The way that we take own sexuality accounts a lot on our understanding ourselves. Understanding brings about the feeling of identity, which is a process of becoming or transforming.

The body is a project that needs to be worked on according to personal understanding. One’s self can be discovered and developed by alteration of flesh. Women undergo plastic surgery to improve their looks in order to ensure keeping their relationship, advance with their careers, earn respect in the community as well a get prized for their femininity, (McNay 1992, p.16). This tells that appearance is a key booster for achievement and a character determiner. It is a definer of power in the community as taken.

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