Gang Culture

Outlaw Motorcycle gangs, (OMG); this group threatens public safety in the communities in which they make their operations. “This group wide range of criminal practices, propensity to use violence, and ability to counter law enforcement efforts. OMGs are highly structured criminal organizations whose members engage in criminal activities such as violent crime, weapons trafficking, and drug trafficking” (Deane, 209). This group has always been maintaining a very strong centralized form of leadership that has the responsibility of implementing rules that regulates membership, conduct, as well as criminal practices. The ranges of OMGs vary in size from a single chapter to hundreds or chapters globally. Just like street gangs and prison gangs, OMG have also been also been divided into; national-level OMG gangs, regional-level OMG gangs and local or state-level OMG gangs.

What Goes On In The Mind Of Gang Members When Joining, Committing Crimes, and Thinking About Leaving The Gang?

When joining gangs, in most cases people members usually doubt if in real sense it is going to solve their risk factors that have led them to join that particular gang. Others think that they have really reached the place they wanted to be, as they feel welcomed a group, which previously have been missing. As a result, there are those who think that, from that day, they will be rich, as they will be making lots of money. In addition, they think that they are now much protected from their enemies.

When committing crimes, their think that, the success of their operation depends how skillful they will be in the process of committing crimes. Since respect in gangs is earned after performing crimes successfully, they think they will be earning maximum respect if they perform such a crime successfully. It is clear that, after the crime, there must be some payments, so when performing it, they think that their financial problems will end after the act.

When quitting the gang, most members think that somewhere someplace, the group had or has led him down, so they think about such like cases. Apart from that, they usually think about their own security, as they might be threatened by former gang rivals or even his former group members. They think of securities of their families, time they have wasted and good things that have past them while in gangs. They always think of things they are going to do, to ensure that they are successful to ensure that they never go back to such lifestyle again. They always think of ways they will use to safeguard themselves and their families.

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