Gang Culture

According to the reasons provided above concerning the reasons as to why people join gangs, are much genuine and realistic. But that is not the only way of solving current problems one is encountering. Studies have indicated that, there are risk factors which increase the odds that people especially youngsters will join a gang, but it is not a guarantee for one to join it. It is good for those people wishing to join gang to look for other things to do and say, along with other people to become friends with. This is much easier if one can be in a position of avoiding peer pressure. In doing this, it is good to avoid hanging around with gang members.

It is good for one to look for excuses, when confronted with a situation that forces one to join the gang group. This strategy particularly holds if the pressure is coming from parents. If they are youngsters, they can ask their teachers on what to do, or get advice from eminent people in the society. People who have been gangs have reported that, for one to stop being pressurized to join gangs, for instance, one can stop picking phone calls for those individuals who are providing that pressure, or even tell family members to inform them that they are busy or involved in other activities.

Instead of joining gangs, individuals can chose to have a better life every now and then. It is good to find people particularly respected adults who think that one is special, and will always be saying that. In doing so, think of any adult 0that one can keep in touch with, if any problem occur, or need to talk. Then use such like people in getting advice and assistance, when faced with a risk factor of getting into gang. Last but not least, it is good for the person to start believing in the power of control; no matter the situation. It should be understood that “No matter who you are, what you have done, or where you live, you deserve better” (Hagedorn, 45).

What Happens If People Quit The Gang?

If people quit the group, there will be no more crimes in the society, and the society will leave peacefully. This will happen if all people quite the gang. However, if only a few people quite the gang, these who have quitted ends up being threatened by their former group members, so they have to look for a way of making themselves safe. For instance, reporting to the law enforcement agent. Such people stop using gang languages as well. On the other hand, the group which people have quitted from, will start rearranging itself again, though with fear as the quitted group might inform the law enforcing agents about their deals, and where they operate from.

What Are the Different Types of Gangs?

It has been found that, gangs do vary depending on the membership, structure ethnicity and age. However, the most common types of gangs are;

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