Gang Culture

There is a belief that, joining gangs will protect individuals from bullies or other gang members. However, the reality is that, joining gangs, increases chances to being a target of other rival gang members. There are high chances that one might be injured or even killed while in a gang. Former gangsters have reported that they had to change their lifestyle dramatically, because, they could not at any time be safe. Even going out of their neighborhood was much difficult for them, as they were not sure of when, and where they will met their rivals. In addition, even after getting out, one might not still be safe, as he will now have to deal with his former group, and gang rivals who had not forgotten him.

In addition, it is also claimed that, there is respect after joining gangs. The reality is, gang’s respect is fear, and it is not normal respect. One has to commit crimes to ensure that other gangsters fear him. In the gang culture, respect will tend to disappear on the first time, one fails to hurt someone who has shown some insults. Based on that, gang’s respect is not real and never last.

The notion that one gets more friends in gangs is true, but one also increases the number of enemies, who are in rival gangs. Initial friends, who have not yet joined the group, might also disappear. In addition, in might not approve that one has dates at their back yard, they usually question a test for one’s loyalty, and as a result, they might insist that, the only group to hang out with are their members only.

It is said that, gangs might be like a family providing a sense of belonging. This is wrong, as there is no way a family can force one to commit crimes before getting respect and love. That is not a really family. Gangs unlike normal families will never solve their problems peacefully, but is usually done violently. Joining gangs just endangers one’s biological families, as they will be targets for both one’s gang group and rival groups. They also get into trouble with law, along with raising the number of fights one has with friends and parents. The family members might be disappointed and hurt, especially after being killed or imprisoned. Last but not least, one wills never the get the kind of love is looking for.

It is true that gangs make huge amount of money as a group, but now going down to individual share, it is very little.

Do they have to join?

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