Gang Culture

Racism is also a risk factor for joining gang groups. People especially young people, when they encounter both personal and institutional racism, which is systematic denial of some privileges, the risk of joining gangster increases. For instance, when a group of individuals are denied access to power, privileges and may be important resources, they tent to form their own anti-establishment group.

Media influence is also another risk factor for joining gang groups. Researchers have identified that, television sets, movies, Radios, as well as music have the so called profound effect on the development of young people in the society. Before youths establishes their systems of value, and reach a state of making personal moral judgments, media plays a very important role. However, instead of the media playing its role right, it ends up promoting drugs, sex along with violence as an acceptable behavior in the society. This is so particularly in moves and music. In movies, children tend to watch action movies, which are full of violence and drug dealing behaviors. In most cases, the winners such movies are those individuals who engage in criminal behaviors, as a result, children get to learn that, for one to be a winner, he must engage in violent and other criminal based behaviors. This might also be connected to curiosity as they want to act what they have experienced in media.

Among the reasons, despair can not be ruled out. This factor is much different from poverty in a manner that, poverty is just a condition, while despair is a state of someone’s mind. Individuals who have lived in poverty, with parents who also lived in poverty, in most cases don’t see a chance of getting a job, or even a chance of living their poverty state, or being educated. Such people are surrounded with drugs and gangsters, and their parents might also be addicted or non-responsive. As a result, a neighborhood gang can seem to be the only family they will ever have. As an effect, the only way of getting a sense of belonging as well as being part of something considered as being very important, is joining gang group. There are some cases where either the culture or the parents themselves approve children of certain ages to join gangs, or even might have been a member of the same gang in the past.

What Do People Get Out Of Joining Gangs?

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