French and English Colonization in James Bay Cree

On the other hand, the Britons were hostile and power-hungry. Although they displaced the natives from their land, they couldn’t manage to use it effectively. It was hard to use an unexploited land. They were hell bent on degrading the natives. They restricted their fur trade with the relatively rich French, thus reducing the native’s chances of growing economically. It was not without challenge that they managed to do this. The Pontiac’s plan rose and it greatly discouraged their stay. Until the defeat of Pontiac, that is when they were able to invest well. They enacted laws that limited the growth of their culture and the French influence.

Due to these conflicting headships and the laws from each, the natives have problems of governance, land control and culture depletion. However, the civilization brought by the French gives them a better chance of surviving for centuries to come.

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