French and English Colonization in James Bay Cree

The English was very harsh, more prejudiced and disciplinarian to the rebel forces. The Pontiac’s Scheme; a rebel force group rose against the English restriction of the fur trade. Trade confinement brought in economic degradation among the natives. The English was quick to acquire land and displace the Indians. They were involved in ‘get rich fast’ programs.

Since Canada became a nation, the Cree have faced challenges in self-government and land management that every aboriginal group does, not forgetting that these problems were greatly contributed by the colonial masters. But they remain better- prepared to face them than most, and their language is one of the countable North American native languages that are assured of existence into the later centuries.

Differing influence of the French and English rules in James Bay Cree

In seventeenth-century Jesuit missions were prevailing among some Mistassini at the Chicoutimi. Despite these French endeavors, Anglican missionaries reached Fort George in 1852, and were frequently triumphant in instilling the idea of a Christianity God by connecting it to the idea of a influential spirit known as Manitou. Due to this clever approach of the English, there was improved linkage to the natives. These changed their relations with them. Previously, the English was harsher, more discriminating and usually confined trade. This confinement resulted to rebellion by an Indian uprising called Pontiac’s conspiracy. After fighting, Pontiac was defeated, and this was seen as the beginning to the withdrawal of the outlaw on settlement.

The English took over the control of the bay and the whole of Canada. In 1774, the Quebec act restored the use of the French civil law for concealed matters while retaining the English common law for public governance, replaced the pledge of commitment so that it no longer made reference to the Protestant faith, and assured free practice of the Catholic faith. The function of this Act was to shelter the loyalty of the French Canadians with turbulence growing in the American colonies to the south. This way the English was able to extend its influence to natives.

On the other hand the French had three main goals: to spread Christianity, extend their fur trade and fight the English influence. They also managed to get along well with the natives creating a hybrid with the Cree. Unlike the English who came in dire need of Gold, the French farmed immediately after settlement.

The rules that were set by the French and the English still influence the performance of the natives and the conflicts that they raise.

Differing social-economic influence of the French and English Colonization in Quebec

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