Formal and Informal Education: A Comparison

Her parents always put pressure on her to excel in school. Her mother especially on her neck to know the right answers. The father however encourages her to pass in her exams. Her education is characterized by a well outlined curriculum, “when we entered, marching into her school, by strictest teaching, surveillance, and order we learnt grammar, arithmetic, spelling, reading, writing and geography”(p.150). The curriculum has provisions for activities such as singing, physical education, art and regular recesses. Activities in the school were tightly regulated by the bell and on specific days, which is a characteristic in any school offering formal education. Her teachers were many and they took her through various exercises. Every Monday, Miss Johnson taught the singing lesson. Miss Eyrich taught physical training every Thursday in relay and other sports. On Friday it was art work day by Miss Ascher. Miss Louella Varnado taught grammar. Welty loved grammar since she was taught by her Latin teacher at first grade. “Learning Latin words in continuation and modification, and the beautiful, sober, accretion of a sentence”.

Both formal and informal education can therefore lead one to their destination. However the difference in curriculum of what is leant in the two forms of education makes a big difference. Nevertheless with time and experience one can always get to their intended destination on account of any of them. This argument therefore qualifies the thesis of this paper.

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