Foreign Trade Issues in California’s Economic Growth

The state should work with communities and individuals to locate alternative regions in California for expansion, for instance to expand the new university of California in central valley and emphasis on information technology for coordination of high-tech businesses.

5. Target programs and share the costs of trade assistance.

The most costly program of economy development in the state is overseas of foreign-trade offices and Missions. To monitor and evaluate is particularly important for these programs. Information absence from such analysis would lead to suggestion that resources of the state will push ahead if programs concentrate with businesses which have a history of production that is successful to the market and if a portion of costs is recouped from clients who are assisted by the state programs and are successful.

California is privileged in having very many economic development related resources at the state level, an economy that shows resiliency in ability to recover out of severe structural changes. In case of foreign trade, what left is for policy makers to aim on balancing and augmenting resources and also coordinating with the federal and the local programs to meet the needs created by increasing trade.

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