Final Questions

Keith Gilyard, Voices of the Self;

The title ‘voices of the self’ is a unique title of the memoir and the autobiography meaning that it the inward say of someone. It’s the inward message that is communicated by the very very person who has undergone something. The voices or semi voices of self in this autobiography are the cultural linguistic pluralism in American public schools such as the assimilation of the Standard English by the African American students who bring “Black English” into schools from their different literacy motherlands, dialects. Thus, African American students find it harder to being successful than their white peers.

Richard Rodriguez, excerpt from Hunger of Memory;

Once the family started to speak English at home, Richard benefit a lot because he begins building the confidence in English which he had only known fifty words. He was now able to compete with others in the catholic schools and excels to collage and university as others dropped on the way. He was then able to benefit financially and many opportunities that saw him rising followed.

Amy Tan, “Mother Tongue”

Tan in his analysis about the Asian American students in chapter 18, she realizes that these students have an intellectual gap between their intelligence and emotions. Thus, he advised them to start speaking English as their mother tongue and practice Christianity as their only religion. This was meant in order to calm and eliminate afterwards the existing difference between intellectual excellence and emotional status.

M. Bella Mirabella, “The Education of an Italian-American Girl Child“;

Mirabella was that type of student who could not easily adapt to the new environment. Thus it was hard for her to adapt with new environment in college in which there were a lot of men and women with different disgusting characters. The girl could not also go to collage since there was a financial pressure in the family which could not allow it to support her in collage. The family saw her desire as the one to fulfill her father’s desire for more education when the grandfather denied a chance to progress to collage. They welcome it and were ready to support her especially the father.

Esmeralda Santiago, excerpt from ‘when I Was Puerto Rican’;

In Santiago junior high school the student body was organized according to the performing arts he or she engaged in. A guidance counselor, Mr.Barone could advise every student on the field he could fit best and get him or her there. For instance, Esmeralda was approached one day by Mr. Barone advised to choose an area she best performs as a hobby. She was told to joining teaching which she rejected.

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