Features of eBay

In every organization, change is very essential in achieving its objectives and improving its performance. For successful implementation of the organizational change, there are certain features that an organization ought to have. One of the successful organizations in the United States is the eBay Inc., whose implementation strategy of organizational change is quite exemplary. Organizational culture, processes, styles leadership, organizational politics, structure, effective communication, safety issues, marketing strategy, environment and goals are instrumental in facilitating effective implementation of organizational change (Cummings 34).

To start with, eBay Company has a good organizational culture. This involves the conventions that the members have on goals and products of the company. This implies the assumptions about the type of product of the company, how they should be produced and the targeted customers. At eBay Company, there is certain culture that is known to all the members. Moreover, the company had only hired employees that would easily fit into its culture (Kuriger 10). In fact, employees were allowed to air their views and their oppositions. Although the company tolerated the employees’ mistakes, it expected the employees to learn from the same. Additionally, the company has a low risk and open culture, which is instrumental in making the organizational change a success.

The type of leader ship in an organization is very influential in the way it conducts it organizational change processes. A democratic leadership allows the employees the opportunity to contribute in any decision making. On the contrary, a dictatorial leadership does not provide a chance for the employees to take part in decision making. Explicitly, the eBay Company considers the workers’ views in its decision making processes. This explains the company’s success in the implementation of organizational change (Kuriger 12).

Furthermore, leadership style is significant in promoting positive organizational change. Since many leaders do not want to portray a weak personality, they end up forcing the members of the organization to agree with their decisions (Vogel 47). As a result, the company ends up operating under poor decisions made by a few individuals. However, eBay makes effective decisions since it involves all the members in decision making process. It is for this reason that the company has been exceptionally prosperous in implementing its transitions.

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