Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding

David Hume in his writing, wants to bring out the meaning and the difference between human imagination and the reality (David, 1984) He has also, in the discussion mentioned a number of things concerning various human behavior and believes, what probably causes them to behave or believe that way, and the consequences of this behavior and beliefs on the person in question and the others too. We also see Hume discussing trying to explain two types of critical analysis of fundamental assumptions and beliefs where one has been highly accepted and embraced by human beings as they find it very applicable to their day-to-day life. This is because it portrays human beings as to have been made to act differently depending on different circumstances, tastes and preferences, their changing feeling such that they can choose one thing over the other depending on the features that the items posses. He is referring to this kind of analysis as ‘Easy and obvious philosophy’.

The next analysis he has talked about, is not very acceptable among human beings owing to its lack of popularity. This kind of analysis, unlike the one that we have already discussed portrays man as a reasoning being and it therefore him as a very difficult being to understand. The reason why this analysis finds a man difficult to understand is because it goes deep to investigate the behavior of man, this means they to exhaustively explain why man does things the way he does. in other words the only group of people who would, may be, try to use and understand this kind of analysis are only the learned as it is too complicated for the common man to understand. In reality, understanding human beings completely and explaining their behavior is very difficult and close to impossible owing to their different background, financial status, educational levels, religious beliefs and so on. People will always act differently due to those factors and if one tries to dig deep into this different behavior and beliefs, he/she may end up getting the people more confused and therefore people cannot accept such analysis as it is not favoring them (David, 1984)

What are the skeptical doubts Hume raises in the Enquiry concerning Human Understanding about our understanding of causation and necessary connection?

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