Executive Summary

Elemica was launched in 2000 by a combination of about 22 companies. These companies were all equal partners in the venture and it was formed due to the neutrality it would have. The main task of was to provide a platform that will be used in trade of the chemical industry. The neutral solution in this case was to assist in shopping for business to business in an online setting especially for chemical products. By doing this the process of buying and selling of chemicals is made easier.

The unique part of Elemica is that unlike other similar companies in the industry it was founded by a group giving a neutrality position and in addition it does not have products of its own to sell. Instead it is only a medium for connecting buyers and sellers and the only way it makes profit is by the commission that is obtained by transaction that is based on the bulk of purchase that is undertaken. Besides this there is the provision of the ERP that effectively allows communication between companies and this allows the transactions to take place. These sophisticated applications of technology being another notable uniqueness of it. Elemica has a business model that primarily due to the effort made in e-commerce. This offers services to all customers and companies irrespective of their size. This has been achieved by various modules created according to the kind of service the customers require.

The flow of network has been facilitated by a business process network that allows all the trading partners to connect and allow them to carry out the transaction and ordering process in a very short time. This has attracted companies like Shell Europe due to the cost and time saved due to waiting for papers. Elemica has obtained some operating software that allows a platform for integration of new and existing solutions. Besides for the small buyers and sellers a provision of a portal is developed if they do not have their own ERPs. The value on the process of Elemica comes in the form of aggregation and these results in satisfaction of all buyers and suppliers.

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