Intolerance is portrayed in Father Flynn’s sermon where a woman is busy gossiping to a friend about a man she hardly knew. After having a dream at night, she feels guilty of what she had done, which portrays her intolerance. Father Flynn’s also portrays his intolerance during the sermon when he asked the woman to go and cut open a pillow on top of the roof. He later asks the woman to go and collect the feathers knowing extremely well that the feathers had been blown by the wind. This act portrays Father Flynn’s intolerance towards the woman. In his sermon, he was referring the woman to Sister Aloysius with his acts of intolerance by doubting a relationship between Father Flynn and the American boy. The woman intolerance of gossiping to a friend about a man she hardly knew is portrayed as feathers blown by wind from the rooftop. The woman portrays intolerance as a theme during Father Flynn’s sermon.

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