Definition Essay about Respect

The word respect can also be used inform of gestures. For example hand gestures, nodding, or bowing. This shows great positive regard for a person and in most cases it occurs to persons in authority and is expressed by their juniors. In addition, one can stand up if sited by the appearance of a person whom one honors (Haidt & Jesse 2007: pp 103).

In conclusion, though people have different ways in which they value and take respect to mean, respect is of great importance in the society as it helps people to co-exist peacefully with one another and also makes one have a sense of belonging. Also respect is not only limited to older people in the society but also to the young, and therefore it is important to accord everybody his or her due respect regardless of his or her age. More important is self-respect because when one respects him or her self, it becomes easy to accord others respect.

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