Cyber Crime

GMT is the short form of Greenwich Mean Time which is used to refer to the mean solar time situated at 0° meridian as based in Greenwich’s Royal observatory, based in London. It is measured as from midnight and was formerly standard time used in calculating of time throughout the world but has now been replaced by timescale based on atomic.

When using the internet, trails are left that can be traced and the tracing involves going backwards through the activity from one who was using it to the receiver and as a result time and date of passage are important in tracking the activity that occurred in the internet. It also helps to know which sites and the frequency in which were visited (HOYLE, 2004).

The two major statutes relating to cyber crimes are:

  1. Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA) of 1984
  2. The National Information and Infrastructure Act (NIIA) of 1996

CFAA was enacted to deal with “malicious Code” problems which include viruses, worms as well as other programs harmful to the computers. The NIIA was established to include access which is unauthorized to any computer which may be protected hence it was possible to view information from a computer without necessary any authorization.

The best method of compelling information disclosure which is better is the subpoena as compared to search warrants. A subpoena has a description which targets a broader category of documents or any other property targeted. It is effective especially when reaching items in custody or in controlling any subpoenaed party no matter its location. But a search warrant is specific only to the items located in the premises where the warrant was meant for execution (John Burrus, 2001).

The security of the wireless networks is not the best as compared to wired networks as it gives easier access to channels of radio in contrast to access of the wired lines. To increase security among the wireless networks hence the IT professionals have to “develop adequate wireless infrastructure in order to support a high bandwidth needs”.

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