Contours of the Witchcraze in France

Numerous individuals deemed witches subsisted but didn’t deem the more ridiculous stories on them. Additionally, majority of people became cynical on cases where witches were expected to have utilized magic to murder people. Wright (2005) argues that people increasingly recognized that deaths may occur as a result of natural causes. People didn’t essentially stop believing in witchcraft and witches, but they became increasingly careful on accepting witchcraft evidence after they realised that several mishap and maladies have natural causes. Ultimately nevertheless educated individuals stopped believing in magic and witches and during 18th century it became stylish to consider witchcraft as a mere supstition.


Witch craze in France started as early as 1275 which a witch inquisition was made. This inquisition resulted to several people being killed as a result of being accused as witches. The individuals thought to be witches were hunted by swimming based on the ancient torment of water. The victims were also tortures so that they could confess that they were witches and also offer information about their accomplices.

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