Contemporary Issues in International Business

In the early 20th century, the invention of abacus computers was perceived that will be felt only locally and within the region of its invention. Like the early period of sewing machine manufacturing, the usage of computers was able to be felt globally as there were increased operations and the attempt for companies to comply with increased technological advancement. In order to be competitive in the current economy, the company needs to produce high quality and also high quantity products. This will only be achieved with the use of faster and more reliable technology; computers. Sewing machine was first introduce to the economy when there was need for durable and faster production of clothing and other ornaments, the same case with computers. The bulkiness of the operations in the business sector with limited time available to manually incorporate all the data in the paper work instigated for the need for computers in the system. Currently all business operations, globally, relies on the use of computers in their system in an attempt to acquire large market share for their products as it will enhance their competitive advantage in the economy.

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