Conscientious Objection

Therefore, various denominations are seeking to have the United States policy include the selective conscientious objection in their laws, which will reflect a broader spectrum of the religious traditions. The War theory apply to the issue of conscientious objection in that the person who wants to perform his conscience must first judge whether or not the end of war is proportionate to the devastation wrought by that war in any degree. This judgment will enable the individual to justify either to be a partaker in the war or not.

The War in Iraq has influenced the rates of conscientious objection in the U.S. military. As a result, the government has given an exemption from services all individuals who oppose war because of their religious or moral principles. The volunteer military are also stretched extremely thin giving a rise to the need for conscription.

In conclusion, conscientious objection should be morally permissible, and the United States military should allow for conscientious objection by its service members in all means because it is part of their human right. Unite states should practice the law which permits those who conscientiously oppose war of any form to perform their civil services (Theodore, 1989).To embrace this law, a simple act of congress should be reactivated giving powers to the state to resume deductions.

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