Competitive Advantage

The CEO Mr. Herb Kelleher’s relaxed management style and personality has imparted an attitude in the workers that work is important and it should not be spoilt by being so serious to customers. The CEO tries to get union leaders to talk to them at a personal level to know the difficulties that employees may be passing through in their execution of duties. He believes the main difference between him and other people is mind, spirit, and soul. In one of his letters to the employees, he quoted Winston Churchill: “Success is never final.” The CEO said that, “success must be earned repetitively or else it disappears. I am betting on your minds, hearts, souls, and spirits to continue with our success (Lauer, 2010).” This has helped to instill a sense of discipline at work thus promoting a peaceful working environment. Southwest human resource department stresses on compassion and common sense.

When employees are motivated to work harder when they realize that they are needed and appreciated. In addition, it is essential for the employer to take care of his employees so that they can trust the company. The degree of trust employees have in an organization is one of the biggest factor towards the success of any company. Southwest gave room for employees to be themselves. The culture of an organization is the values shared among members of the organization (Mathis and Jackson, 2000).

Participation and empowerment

Southwest Airlines has given power to employees to make their own critical decisions without having to seek for permission always. This makes an employee feel more confident and have a sense of ownership of the company. When an employee works where he or she limited to make decisions pertaining his or her work, he or she becomes ineffective. Southwest has also encouraged creativity and has implemented many ideas brought forth by the employees.

Retention of talent

The human resource department at Southwest Airlines fights hard to retain the exemplary talent that they have. Keeping great performers from going to other companies has made southwest to remain a leader in the field of air transport. Their corporate priority is the war for talent and in addition, the company uses a lot of money to train their employees in order to build capacity. They do this through recognition, compensation, promotions and new assignments.


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