Competitive Advantage

The interviewer then observes the observers and not the speaker to identify who applauds and encourages a speaker who is nervous. There was a case where one interview that had put on oversize clothes was asked to change on Bermuda shorts (Lauer, 2010). Those who did not comply were disqualified right there because they lacked attitude. Those without extensive work experience are preferred in this case since the company believes that the new employees can be trained on whatever the job skills needed but no attitude. Southwest is was one of the pioneer companies to employ the system of referring employees. Training takes over as soon as the recruit is in the door. This is where doing things faster, better, and cheaper is emphasized. In doing this, each worker is expected to be familiar with duties of other employees in order to deliver an outstanding customer experience, which in turn keeps the Southwest culture in continuity.

Hiring the right people is a religion in Southwest (Freiberg, 1996).

Labor Union

Southwest has an interesting model of labor union. It is the most unified airline in United States with close to 84% membership (Jones, 2000). They have a ten-year agreement with the aim of acquiring stock rather than wages. The union contract has no work rules (Hoffer, 2005). The workforce at Southwest is organized into nine unions in categories such as pilots, technicians, flight attendants and ramp workers. The transportation workers union represents the flight attendants and Teamsters represent ramp workers, reservation agents and customer service fall under the International Association of Mechanists and the mechanics and the cleaners. The company has enjoyed peaceful and highly co-operative labor since it started its operations relations. The management keeps the representatives of the union informed on any changes. One case was when the company decided to implement the flexible benefit plan; it met with representatives of the union and explained its benefits (Bruun, 2001).

Corporate Culture

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