Case Study

The Session Long Project (SLP)

A Session Long Project (SLP) is a strategic plan that is always being implemented by an organization; this is in order to ensure that an organization is in a position of undertaking strategic plans and implementing positive projects. The projects will ensure that the company is in a position of surviving in their respective industry without failing it customers and also providing its competitors with stiff competition (Hammonds, 2001).

The Session Long Project (SLP) will specifically ensure that an organization is able to offer / use a specific skill in performing its duties and eventually determine the position of the organization in the markets. As a result, a company will use Strategic Management that will be useful when implemented in the company; this is in order to ensure that the company achieves its goals and visions.

A mission statement is a statement that states the key objectives of an organization and its positive effects on the respective customers of the organization; thus a mission statement tends to provide the company with a goal that the organization aims at achieving. This means that the customer will be able to understand the main objectives of the company (Tarcy & Bradford, 2000).

In this case each and every company that is operating in the world today has got a different mission statement that ensures that the company is operating more effectively in the markets today. And for a company to succeed in the world today it has to have a good mission statement that will aim at pushing the company forward as a result of the company’s excellent performance (McNamara, 2007).

A good mission statement is said to be effective if it is able to fulfill certain factors that includes -

  • Motivating and Inspiring the Employee Commitment- this will ensure that the company is a position of making lots of profit , and thus the employees will feel that they are in a position seeing there is positive contributions in transforming of the other peoples lives.
  • Identifying the Customer Needs and how the company is trying to Satisfy these needs- this is where the company lists and identify its customers and eventually their needs and from that the company will strive on the needs and wants thus making profits from that.
  • Mission statement shows the loyal and direct Customers of the company – the company will be in a position of knowing and openly addressing its specific target customers and thus go after them thus by providing them with services and goods.
  • A Mission Statement also stresses on the company’s Competitive Advantage- this is when an organization implements new skills and resources that make it hard to be imitated by the competitors, thus giving the organization the leeway and advantage over its competitors.
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