Cartoon History of the Universe

The cartoon history has also been very influential in a way that it helps the reader to understand the dangers of the rapidly increasing levels of technology in the modern world. It also raises the expectations that humans have towards innovations and inventions and this is done through bringing the comparison of the level of innovations in the previous decades and in the modern world. According to Gonick, every point of view should be given justice since it can also contribute a lot to development of humans. Even though most of his ideas are based on historical revisionism, Gonick has brought it possible to see the positive development that human beings have undergone since the past decades to date (Gonick, 1990).


Finally, the Cartoon history brings out deeper explanations of what is covered in evolutionary science, astronomy and other parts of ancient history. The history has also brought comparison between subjects in different cultural writings and Holy Scriptures in the previous years with those in the modern world and this becomes easy for the readers to be convinced with his ideas in his book.

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