Cartoon History of the Universe

Since Gonick is a professor, almost all his ideas in the book are backed up by research since they mainly focus on peculiar details. According to Gonick (Gonick, 2002), it is very important to look at the achievements that human beings in the world have had since the introduction of modern technology. Discussing about the achievements of humans entails looking at what they have undergone as far as development is concerned and this means that all the little details pertaining human development is being discussed.

Gonick has used a lot of juxtaposition and satire to bring out his ideas and these elements makes all the situations discussed in book very important. One of the best examples of humor as indicated in the book is when a cartoon is used to depict how some groups of elephants were being herded off a mountain cliff for the aggressive enjoyment of the Huns. Humor is also used to depict post-modern views of different situations in the modern world. The tone that Gonick uses in his writing is consistently enthusiastic and this also makes the book more captivating for the reader and the collections of bibliography that gets promotes historical literacy of the world. Through using this unorthodox style, Gonick is able to make his readers take a tour through his sources for better understanding of the concepts.

Impacts of the Cartoon History

The cartoon history has been very influential because it has ensured that readers have understood the relationship existing between the present and the past and their causes and effects. Looking at how the past relates to the present is very important since through this is when one is able to predict the changes that would be there in the future. The story also explains how motivated human beings have been in the past and in the modern world and this is done through looking at the discoveries and inventions made by them. One of the greatest inventions that human beings have had since the past is the invention of the modern technology (Gonick, 2009).

Modern technology has really changed a lot making life quite easier since it has affected the sectors of transport and communication in a positive way. Modes of transport have greatly improved in the modern world and this means that people can travel greater distances at a considerable time as compared to the historical days. The sectors of communication have also been improved greatly because it is very easy to communicate with people from different parts of the world within seconds no matter how long the distance could be (Gonick, 2002).

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