Cartoon History of the Universe

The book consists of different topics associated with the development that humans have undergone in the previous years to what is there in the modern world. The styles that the author of Cartoon History has used make the book more interesting and easy to understand in all possible ways. Gonick uses styles that bring out the information in the book very clear for anyone to understand (Gonick, 2006).

In order for him to bring his discussions out clearly, Gonick uses a very interesting illustration style, which entails drawing techniques that are realistic, and he does it in a very simple way. He mainly uses simple drawings that are cross-hatching and he does it with a lively ink-and –brush, which resembles the works of Walt Kelly’s Pogo and Calvin and Hobbes of Bill Watson. When he focused on the history of the invasion of Italy of (390 BCE-387 BCE), the characters that he brings out seemed to be having similarities with those of Asterix and Obelix.

This illustration style is very influential because it makes it easy for him to explain his ideas clearly and it also makes it easy for the reader to understand what is being written by him. There are people who understand information better, through pictorial drawings thus, when Gonick uses this kind of illustration style, he is able to reach his audience and attract their attention. Through this kind of illustration style, his message is depicted in a very different and comprehensive way because it is very explicit.

In each chapter of his book, Gonick starts with an introduction of what is going to be discussed and this is also very influential because it ensures that the reader understand the information clearly and has a clue of what is being discussed in the book. Through this narrative framework Gonick is also able to travel to whichever place or which era he wants because his discussions are complex and do not just focus on a given period. The book brings out both historical issues that have been affecting the world and their current situations. The narrative style and note that Gonick uses is also very influential because he does it in a way that the viewer wants to be associated with it.

Anytime an author writes a book, he always ensures that it has a specified point of view that both he and the reader should base their arguments on and this means that the author is also categorized somewhere in the society according to the topic that he has chosen for discussion. Although his topics are complex, Gonick can be described as a humanist since his topics of discussion mainly dwells within that category. His point of view is mainly surrounded by humanistic ideas, which are natural and easy for anyone to understand. This point of view makes the ideas to be viewed in a better way and that is the reason as to why naturalistic presuppositions govern his cartoon history even though it is not being written in styles found in didactic textbooks.

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