Business Law

Chapter 3

3-2 Hypothetical question with Sample Answer

Business Law Assignment 2

Callais should bring suit in a federal court. Federal cases mainly end with the district court’s decision. The Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit has nationwide jurisdiction to hear appeals in specialized cases. The only factor that can influence her decision is federal politics.

Chapter 4

4-2 Hypothetical Question with Sample Answer

In this particular case, Mary has no legal case against the golf training course since the emergency landing that arose was not reasonably foreseen.

Mary may have a legally binding case against her doctor. Despite the fact that she has a legal binding case, Mary would end up losing at the end. This is because there was no close relationship of proximity either physical or legal between the incidents that developed her condition.

4-3 Liability to Business Invitees

In this case Ling’s should be held liable. This was a gross negligence by the manager. This is because the manager fails to act and even lack a concern whether injury would result from the blown water.

4-4 Defamation

The absolute privilege for communications made in judicial or other official proceeding should not apply in this case to the statement. This is because information was conveyed to Showalter, who interrupted her statement to the police dispatcher with the news. This is defamation and Lydia has a legal file case against California Federal Bank.

Chapter 42

42-2 Hypothetical Question with Sample Answer

In this case, there will be available to the third party any remedy that would have been available to him in an action for breach of contract if he had been a party to the contract. The rule states that; “only a promisee may enforce the promise meaning that if the third party is not a promisee he is not privy to the contract.”

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