Business Law Assignment 3

The nursing services firm can possibly recover their $4,000 from Janine. This is a contract and Janine accepted the offer from nursing services firm therefore the contract is valid and Janine has an obligation to pay $4,000 to nursing firm.

Contract Classification

There is no valid contract existing between McElfresh and Big Burger. But there is a unilateral contract existing between High-Flying Advertising and Big Burger Restaurant.


Ball is entitled to hold Sullivan to a contract for sale of the land. The contract law states that offeree can only accept what is offered by offeror. In this case, ball accepted the offer made to him by Sullivan in time. Therefore the contract is enforceable in the court of law.

Hypothetical Question

Chernek dies prior to Bollow’s acceptance, and at the time she accepts, Bollow is unaware of Chernek’s death.

This is a death situation therefore the act cannot perform as contracted. In this case the agency shall be required to make an effort provide a substitute act.

The night before Bollow accepts, a fire destroys the equipment.

In this case there is no valid contract existing between chernek and Ballow. For the contract to be enforced in a court law the offer must be accepted by the offeree and it is clearly understood that Bollow never accepted the offer.

Bollow pays $100 for a thirty-day option to purchase the equipment. During this period, Chernek dies, and Bollow accepts the offer, knowing of Chernek’s death.

In this scenario, the act and the agency come to consensus to pay back the deposit or any other payment made by Bollow. The contract then becomes null and void upon such refund.

Bollow pays $100 for a thirty-day option to purchase the equipment. During the period, Bollow dies, and Bollow’s estate accepts Chernek’s offer within the stipulated time period.

This is a transfer of a contract. In this case, Bollow’s estate shall be forced by court of law subject to approval by Chernek to enter into a contract. The contract shall therefore be valid upon court approval of transfer of that particular contract.


The court should grant the motion. Cusano had sold to Horipro the rights of his songs after the offer had been accepted. Therefore the contact is enforceable in a court of law.

Payment for Services to Another

The couple cannot hold Fred in contract for the services rendered to Daniel. This is simply because the promise was a domestic. The law states that there is no binding contract that one can be sued in regards to domestic promises.


Under the rule of consideration which states that the consideration must be sufficient but not to be adequate, can support Tuan’s claim. The contract is not legally binding.

Contract by Minor

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