Aspects of Globalization

Other benefits are to the society and may include the reduction in the levels of individuals engaging in social vices such as prostitution and crime both attributed to unemployment. Other critics argue that the fact that people are employed lowers the likelihood of them falling ill due to stresses attributed to unemployment. In fact the population leads a healthy life as all members of the society are able to cater for their health requirements. Globalization could result to the exploitation of foreign inexperienced workers. The leniency of protections for poorer countries by stronger developed powers may result to the exploitation of the individuals in these nations who are a source cheap labor. Due to the inadequacy of protections, corporations from stronger industrialized countries are able to provide workers with enough salary to lure them into enduring extremely long working hours and harsh working conditions (Rothkopf, 1997).

Globalization in Michigan

When we talk about the consequences of globalization on Michigan, we talk about the migration in and out of this city. This is a city that has captured the world attention through its violence and extreme hatred that exists among its inhabitants. The rich live in the ranches that are sort of rural, the Blacks live in the ghettos and the city is composed of so many immigrants. This town was known as the industrial capital of the world. People migrated there to change and rediscover their lives. An example is that of a catholic community that exists in the town. It was surrounded by people from the Czech Republic, within a short while, Italians occupied it. Currently Mexicans occupy it. In this aspect, the church has no option but to advice the priests to learn so many foreign languages in order to cope with the changing heritages of the congregants.

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