Aspects of Globalization

About his views on global job opportunities, I totally agree with him because this will enable the best professionals to get the best jobs which will increase the output provided by any and every employee in a given firm. His views about the merging of companies to form multinational corporations for the basic reason of monopolizing markets are true and reasonable. In his comments about international integration of political issues, I agree because they are the same explanations that lie around the revolutions that have been taking place in the Arab world.

For instance, the Egyptians didn’t need to go to Tunisia to learn how to overthrow President Hosni Mubarak. They didn’t even need to go to the streets to mobilize their forces and revolt against their authoritarian president. On his observation about what propels globalization, am so much in agreement. Technology has driven globalization to its extremes which are changing the world today. (Mensah, 2008)

I am in total agreement with Thomas Freidman’s theories of globalization. I concur in the statement that individual countries must sacrifice a considerable degree of economic sovereignty to the global institutions such multinationals corporations and capital markets. He defines localization as the need for a country to uphold its cultures and traditions. This means that the country at hand is able to remain unique and distinct which is generally considered a trade mark to the products that it wishes to offer. He considers the purchasing power as the most important driver of the domestic labor. He adds that outsourcing labor to sectors such as education brings about specialization and the need to acquire relevant knowledge and information from other countries. Freidman emphasizes the need to have the free trade regularized to ensure consistencies in the operations and improvement of the lives of the people in the society. According to him, a free market promotes competition which is a development component to the diversification of the national economies.

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