Aspects of Globalization

Socially, globalization has increased social integration among the people around the world. This has been made possible by the improvements in the communication links in the globe. Through the internet, social networking sites like face book, twitter among others have been discovered to keep people in touch with each other. The use of planes and underground trains has enabled people to move in and out of various countries within a short duration of time. This improvement of the transport system has increased not only mobility of the people but also of goods and services. This has also created job opportunities for the people working in those vessels of transport. Education across various borders has been made possible. For instance, there are various students in Europe who live in one country and study in the other, for instance student X lives in Holland and studies in Belgium. This is possible due to the presence of electric trains.(Rantanen, 2004)

Globalization has facilitated the concept of outsourcing in various fields of the economy. Work including that of marketing, customer support, software development, insurance and accounting is outsourced to both developed and developing countries like India and Russia. So, the organization that outsources the factors of production input enjoys the advantage of lower operation costs because the salaries in underdeveloped countries are lower than the one sourced from developed countries. The laborers in the developing nations get a source of employment. In the process, the developing nations get access to the rapid advancements in technology. Making the world a global village has eased the need to have all elements for human life development accessible.

People and organizations are now in a position of acquiring whatever they need whenever they need it. This is facilitated by the fact that globalization has opened newer avenues of sourcing relevant requirements. It has also contributed to the acquisition of both knowledge and technical equipment necessary for the advancement of the outsourcer. It goes without saying that the interaction have contributed to the growth of various groups and facilitated innovation. Globalization has led to opening up of these bondages of the organizations always targeting the regions that they are located in as their areas of concentration. This is a positive accelerator towards development. (Rantanen, 2004)

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