Aspects of Globalization

Broken down into little pieces, globalization has brought economic development in terms of quicker means of conducting business through mobile banking, use of international courier services to relay information, use of the internet to conduct online business such as those of the stock markets. The improvement of technology has enabled ease of communication between merchants and their customers. It has also enabled the expansion of business enterprises and increasing of markets around the globe due to the quick access of information that has enabled advertising services to be possible. This has also increased due to the mobility of financial markets through technological advances. It has also enabled quicker means of communication and provided a global village that exhibits quicker and faster means of sending and receiving information. In conjunction with such developments, it has created a lot of jobs which include interstate and intercontinental connections that have enabled provision of online jobs to many people in the world. (Ritzer, 2011)

Politically, globalization has enabled democracy through international, continental and regional organizations like the United Nations (U.N), Commonwealth, European Union (E.U) and smaller organizations like the Economic Community of West Africa (ECOWAS). Through intergovernmental links and organizations, sustainability of peace and security has been enabled. All these have led to firm bases for the advancement of liberal democratic ideas of free markets, democracy and multi party politics all around the world. (Manfred, 2003)

In terms of global tackling of crises, globalization has made it easier for countries to intervene in the affairs of neighboring countries. For instance, the recent wave of political violence in sub-Saharan Africa has been quelled by foreign intervention from states who shared the goodwill of the innocent citizens of the affected countries. This aspect has also enabled the world to act jointly to fight such incidents like terrorism, hunger, natural disasters and political upheavals.

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