Aspects of Globalization

Perhaps in a more analytical way, the problem of Michigan is highly political. According to Harold Lasswell, politics involve who gets what, when and how? There is scarcity of resources in Michigan, the industries that existed have moved to greener pastures and have left the town as an empty city of unoccupied warehouses. To add salt to the injury, increase in population has led to the development of real estate’s to accommodate the rising population. This development has deleted the clear cut distinction that existed between all the races in this region. Moreover, almost everybody depends on government welfare. This technically means that everybody is equal or near equal. In such a situation Lasswell’s theory becomes effective because people begin to form gangs that fight against each other so as to protect the little advantage they have over their mates.

This is why the youths fight against each other in Michigan. (Manfred, 2003) This is very ironical because people migrate to Michigan to change their lives but end up in a city that is highly populated with people who share the same interests. In this context the problem of Michigan is global to the extent of mobility of labor and the influence of foreign languages. The government for this reason faces an uphill task of moderating and calming down these groups which look at each other with a lot of suspicion and contempt. Economic analysts suggest that education would better things for the inhabitants of this region if the government decides to invest in it. This, according to their findings, will play an important role of integrating these people who come from all over the world.

In conclusion, it is important to note that through research, analysts have investigated both the positive and the negative aspects of globalization. Globalization is essentially a force that has positively transformed the world with more countries benefitting from its wide reaching impact. It is vital for researchers to concentrate on the more creative ways globalization can continue to create a better world.

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