Aspects of Globalization

Due to the outsourcing of individuals the immigration rates will increase. As a result, terrorists are likely to seek Michigan as an operation base. They may sneak in weapons that may not be in the best interest of the greater majority. Drug trafficking also may intensify due to the less restrictive boarder rules. Drug abuse may impact negatively to the economy of Michigan as victims will exhibit low productivity level. Also due to the incapacitation of these individuals the local authority is faced with a high dependency ratio because of the unemployed population. Unemployment in Michigan may be brought about by the employers seeking to outsource cheaper labor from without other than from within which has been proven more expensive. Another shortcoming of having the Michigan people engage in the globalization process is the fear of acquiring cultural practices and behavior. The most probable reason for the anxiety is the erosion of the Michigan traditions. (Waters, 2001).

Through globalization many of the Michigan people will go on learning by constant interactions with others in the world. Through improvements in technology such internet and communication devices like cell phones, Michigan people can reach out and hear opinions of different people to uplift their standards. In the education sector, the Michigan students will benefit in acquiring knowledge on the most recent and relevant developments and discoveries. This will go a long way in equipping the citizens with life skills that comes in handy in their later lives.

Globalization has gathered many individuals and companies in forums to deliberate on the issues affecting the environment. It is without doubt that ecological responsibilities are issues affecting human beings across the world. The advent of ecological challenges has been attributed to damages caused to the environment by members of the global society. Governments have considerably encouraged discussions on the same by allowing citizens from different parts of the world to meet and share openly on the possible changes that could help curd the ecological adversities. Issues such as over fishing, air and soil pollution, water pollution and the spread of deficient species are some of the issues affecting the world collectively. The degree of harm posed to the environment is relative from state to state. For instance it has been viewed that the developing countries are faced by environmental hardships caused by the usage of out-dated mechanical equipment in their processing activities. Through international cooperation the countries can come together and deliberate on policies that they see suitable to fight the harm brought to the environment. (Waters, 2001).

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