Annotated Bibliography

The book Culture and Religion may suggest that one can attain his/her own cultural identity even after losing one’s religion. This makes it impossible for one to change religion while claiming to follow a particular culture. Religion is an important cultural stabilizer in the world as it determines the way of life of people in addition to playing a key role in every society.

Sengers, E., and Sunier, T. (2011). Religious Newcomers and the Nation State: Political Culture and Organized Religion in France and the Netherlands. Eburon Uitgeverij B.V.

In this particular book, the authors discuss specifically on the issue of integration of Islam into the political as well as well as social framework of European societies in regards to successful future of the region. France is largely known to be a Catholic nation but is considered less so today than in the past. Protestanism has not only been poorly understood in this country but also often ignored. According to the authors (2011) the often catholic focused image of Christianity in France where majority of residents tend to identify culturally with Catholism does not help. Despite the lack of recognition, the Protestant community has distinguished itself and still does so by making important contributions to French society. The current contemporary situation of religion in France as well as other European nations is characterized by the loss of social power on in as far as religious institutions are concerned rather than the disappearance of religious sentiments. The authors note that the modern religious world is changing in the forms it takes in language as well as society. Religion now finds itself being prone to consumer choice as individuals decide to follow the messenger or group responding best to their objectives.

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