Analysis of Cyborg But I’m Ok

The film “I’m a Cyborg, But That’s OK” by Chan-Wook Park is a romantic comedy that features a psychotic lady who believes she can finish the world. This is one of Park’s funniest Korean films, and is so paradoxical. Park’s film is thrilling right from the characters employed, setting, styles and the thematic issues involved.

Parks has employed very dramatic characters that make the story lively, though it seems tragic. The cyborg, who is Cha Young-Goon, is portrayed as a psychotic individual whose health is deteriorating (Tasker, 2010). This is character that is aware of her personality and does not care of whatever happens. Others like the rain’s character; Park Il-Sun and those in the hospital are an indication of high level of imagination that Park has. These characters successfully develop the plot of the story; hence making it easy to understand.

Additionally, the film concerns health issues, beliefs, family and romance. The setting in the mental hospital shows the human effort to maintain a normal health. These patients have various beliefs, for example, the character believes in absorbing personalities by stealing their souls. Another issue addressed in the film is superstition, since the Young-Goon believes that her grandmother is a mouse (Tasker, 2010).

One of the stylistic devices that the film has used is irony. The psychotic characters are portrayed to be involved in love relationships, as evidenced by Young-Goon and Il-Sun (Tasker, 2010). It is ironical that two psychotic beings can fall in love. The playwright also employs suspense in that the audience is left with many questions on what happened afterwards.

In conclusion, the film is interesting and worth watching since it has a lot of dramatic episodes. The themes and styles used are instrumental in enriching the film’s content. It also depicts a lot of imagination from the playwright that makes the storyline quite thrilling. For anyone seeking real entertainment, Park’s film is the right one to watch.

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