Affirmative Action

Affirmative action has ensured employers tailor their recruitment policies to cater for the minority and likewise in the education sector, admission programs provide for the minority groups too. Genders, racial and other forms of discrimination, are now outlawed and avenues for addressing these key issues have been opened to everyone. The nations and world communities have learned and embraced this action in order to take advantage of globalization especially in trade and commerce. Organizations have a clear guideline on how to establish branches all over the world and especially when it comes to recruitment of a quantifiable number of natives of a foreign region to create a balance.

This legislation has greatly ensured representation of minority in every possible social area but has made minimal changes in how minorities can be fully accepted in leadership. This was clearly highlighted in the last election campaigns of the USA whereby The Present United States of America President, Mr. Barrack Obama, was judged and is still judged on racial background. One media illustrator made a drawing that depicted Mr. Obama as a dead ape shot by two police officers during the year 2010. The structure that set avenues of establishing racism have not changed much in the USA thus top organizational directors and managers are not persons of color (Karsten, 2006).

The most unpleasant effect about affirmative is the campaign and focus on employment yet it doesn’t do much past the recruitment stage. Most minorities remain at the low subordinate levels and that encourages the thriving environment that could propagate discrimination. As a result of that, minorities majorly take up positions that do not command a lot of respect and have a little authoritative influence in the respective organization (Golland, 2011).

In conclusion, affirmative action is a great legislation but as observed, it still brings out negative effects alongside the intended positive effects. This legislation has led to the acceptance of all people of the world in most productive industries thus exchange of ideas and tolerance levels have increased. Affirmative action has purely addressed active discrimination but has little power over passive discrimination (Kellough, 2006). One cannot do much to change another person’s innermost feelings which can be shown but it is difficult to collect evidence or judge.

This can be in a situation whereby one person chooses to share his personal property with another person of the same color and ignore a third person without any explanation. The law cannot cover this as much as it can be implied that it was on racial grounds. Therefore Affirmative action should now progress further in addressing passive discrimination and one way is through the education system.

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