Acquiring a Winery

1. Executive Summery

The process of acquiring a winery is not as easy as one may think since there are a lot of areas that needs to be dealt with in order for the process to succeed. The terms of deal have to be disclosed if possible and then the price has to be approximated and then it is important to sign a letter of intent in order to purchase the winery. The major aim of acquiring a winery is to develop one of the biggest businesses in wine industry that will be helpful to the community at large. We also anticipate that this project will create a culture, educate others and help in creating economic benefits that may deem worth. Another aim of this project is to create an investment advisory and corporate development firm in a wine country that will offer its services worldwide to leading wine industry players.

Generally, wine industry has been steadily growing over the past few years and thus wine is gradually becoming a part of urban lifestyle. This trend has been witnessed due to the fact that most countries’ population is increasingly growing in terms of income generation opportunities. The changing population demography and exposure to emergent or new cultures has also been witnessed to be adding to the higher consumption. In that regard, the wine market is expected to grow with a margin of more than 20% yearly (Adams Beverage Group, 2004; pp. 4).

2. Aims and Objectives of the project

The major purpose of this project is to create experience to both the students and the general public through applying course concepts in the process of developing an integrated marketing communications campaign to acquire wine. Every winery has its own set of specific objectives when it comes to the quality criteria of wine to be employed. Such characteristics are used in the evaluation process of the color of the wine and appearance, its aroma, and bouquet, its flavor and finish and the overall potential. Generally, winemakers are usually striving to be excellent in this area and on the other hand it is also clear that some of the objectives are confined to the climate and the geographical locale.

Another aim or objective of the winery industry is to be most passionate wine makers and this begins with the interest of having your own winery. The major objective in this case is that of making or developing a more profitable business (Bouchard, F., 2005. This also begins with mastering a recipe for making the best wine. It will also be important to have proper incense before starting to sell wine after acquiring or opening a winery. Moreover, wine making is a profitable business that can really reap in a lot of cash.

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