Abortion Why It Is Wrong

Abortion if practiced would have adverse effects on the economy. Because of the costs involved in procuring abortion, it would be a burden on any one nation’s economy especially on the health sector. Because the unborn are denied the chance to life, the nation also loses potential man power. On the contrary, if a country illegalizes abortion, sub standardized clinics would come up with no permits. This would cause the revenue authorities losses in uncollected revenues. Either way, practicing abortion costs the economy money and should be campaigned against.

Abortion has numerous social effects including immorality in terms of irresponsible sexual behavior. Abortion is used as a remedy for unwanted pregnancies in countries where it is practiced. Conversely, it is justifiable where conception is as a result of incest, rape or when the life of the mother is endangered. All in all the practice of abortion is widely as a result of moral decay and pro life advocates should strive to eliminate the vice once and for all (Bordeau, 2008, p. 56).

In terms of health effects, induced abortion may lead to a lot of blood loss from the mother if it is not carried out properly. This may culminate into higher maternal mortality rates or result in subsequent health complications. The life of the unborn is curtailed although it is the medical practitioners who are supposed to uphold it. All the same, the health care system is obligated to save the mother at the expense of the fetus in case of complications or if the conception was as a result of hard cases. Although the issue of savin the mother’s life is better defended, the negative effects of abortion outweigh the benefits and therefore it should not be practiced (Rose, 2008).

Many cultures world wide have a hard line position in matters involving the upholding of their ethics. For instance, in the Muslim culture, the mother would have to seek spousal, medical and state permission before procuring an abortion. As such, it is only prudent to campaign against the vice in areas where abortion is legalized in line with valuing human life and upholding our cultural values. Encouraging abortion would result in irresponsible sexual behavior thus unwanted pregnancy. Abortion results in killing the unborn and any form of damage caused to human life are thought to be unethical (Kaczor, 2010, p. 234).


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