Abortion Why It Is Wrong

In Islamic countries, the abortion case is not debated much. It is required that women gain medical, religious and state permission before procuring an abortion. However, it is not permissible four months into the pregnancy and even prior to this period, it should only be procured in case the mother was raped or is endangered. In India, there is less pro life activity but Hindu religion is thought to oppose abortion. The practice is widel spread in the country for the purposes of sex choice with the boy child being preferred to the girl child. The women comprise the pro life activists in India. They oppose the advertising of products that help determine the sex of the embryo.

Majority of the contemporary Jews are pro choice. In Israel, Efrat the main pro life organization fights abortion by empowering pregnant women. The organization largely avails funds to pregnant women in order to ease social and financial strains such that they don’t practice abortion. In Europe, abortion is legalized through the acts of parliament but its use has been more closely regulated especially in Western Europe. Contrary to Europe, in the United States there is a range of pro life organizations whose resentment to abortion is on legal, economic or moral grounds.

On legalization of abortion, pro choice activists argue that its illegalization leads to an increase of unsafe abortions (Naden, 2008, p. 49). This is because professional abortion services will not be available and this will in turn lead to a rise in maternal rate. Pro choice advocates are of the opinion that unwanted children are likely to become criminals and that there is a correlation between legalization of abortion and rate of crime in the regions in question. Conversely, this is not a justification because ethically, a fetus has human life whose rights should be upheld (Durand, 2009, p. 69).

It is also argued that even if a fetus should be allowed to live, abortion is morally allowed because a woman has a right over the control of her body. As such, the fetus should not continue staying in her body against her wish, thus abortion should be carried out. However, such a right cannot be weighed against the life of the unborn. If abortion is commietted, it would amount to unfair discrimination against the fetus (Durand, 2009, p. 51). The unborn would also be denied a valuable future full of experiences, enjoyment and other activities if aborted.

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