Abortion Rights

In conclusion, as the debate concerning abortion gets tighter and tighter, there is an eminent gap between those who support abortion and those who do not. Moreover there differences have become too fundamental for compromise. The universal definition of a legal abortion is in terms of the mother’s health or convenience, however, few of mention about the health or life of the fetus. They refer to its viability, without any other attempt to define the term, as a standard for when an abortion can be carried out with impunity. As the debate rages on, ethical questions that concern abortion include: Is abortion acceptable if pregnancy would cause direct danger to the mother if the pregnancy is left to continue? Is the practice acceptable in cases involving incest, rape, or contraception failure? Is abortion legal or acceptable if the fetus were deformed? Does the woman have an absolute right to take control of her body and what she can do with it? Does the fetus acquire rights as it gets closer to being born? Should the idea that they are potential to be a person give unborn babies a right to life, and are they worthy of legal protections?

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