Abortion Rights

Most arguments against the right to abortion say that abortion is an unjust discrimination against the unborn child. Those denying the fact that fetus have a right to life do no value human life as a whole; they give some humans more priority over others. They also claim that abortion is morally wrong since it deprives the fetus a future. Just as the rest of the humans, their future is valuable and has a number of highly valuable experiences. Killing a being that has a future will be doing serious harm to it and hence not right. Religious beliefs are varied on the abortion debate too, however, most like Christians do not condone abortion as they say the unborn are humans too.

There are individuals who argue that, unless women are given the right to abortion on demand or walk away from parenthood just like men, their freedoms would be limited. With this in mind, those governments that have banned abortion have placed a burden to women with duties that men are not held accountable, despite the fact that they are also responsible for the pregnancy. They see a denial of abortion as female oppression under a system that is patriarchal, which then perpetuates inequality between the two sexes.

In my view, abortion should be legal under certain terms that concern health of the child or the parent. It is important to note that abortion is something that goes on daily whether it is legal or not. Young girls end up going to perform abortion on backstreets that end up damaging their health. It is only helpful if abortion was made legal, but with a few restrictions. Despite the fact that a zygote is alive, it should not acquire full human rights such as, not to be aborted during the gestation period. Notably, a zygote is not a person, but a potential person. The mark that defines a human and a person is consciousness. The self-awareness quality of consciousness makes us different from the rest of the living things. It is also important to note we communicate, think about ourselves, and use language as we are aware of ourselves. This consciousness does not happen in unborn babies till later when they are born.

In addition to all these, a zygote is not fully independent; it depends on the mother for all its nutrients and everything. This means that the mother and the fetus share the same risks. The physical dependence of the fetus to the mother poses physical threat to the life of the mother. There are numerous women who die as a result of pregnancy-related complications. These mothers’ lives could have been prevented if they had abortions. People should ask if the rights of a potential person supercede that of the mother to control her body or protect her from dangers that are life-threatening. In my view, it is not murder if a mother performs an abortion to save her life or any other cases that pose risks to the unborn child or the mother.

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